Emotions That Can Be Heard

My name is Yancey and I believe I have good taste in music and so does my right hand man Lee-To-The-Andrew. We made this blog to share our taste to the masses as well as our own projects. I’ve always thought music is human emotion that can be heard, and shared, which is why it has been with us since our inception. People always say to us, "Guys, when I want to kill myself or cry into my pillow or my wife has just left me for my sister I don't have music to play, because you guys are a musical geniuses." One day while watching adult TV We said to ourselves, "We are a geniuses!" People are crying out for a soundtrack to listen to, to give them an optimistic slap on the tough times in life and we're going to give it to them.
You have questions? I've got answers.

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